About Us

In 2015, Dr. Ajit Barron-Dhillon, Dr. Gurpreet Sandhoo, and Mr. Spenser Dill founded EuroMed Institute, a company with an international perspective invested in fostering excellence in medical student outcomes. With decades of experience in medical practice and education, the founders have the knowledge, dedication, and passion to launch a new international model for accessible, affordable and improved medical education.

U.S. medical schools are highly competitive, expensive and cumbersome in their approach to the study of medicine. With the constant rise of the U.S. population and the baby boomer generation reaching retirement age, there is now more than ever a need for well-trained physicians in the United States.

The increased demand for doctors in the U.S. is coinciding with a decline in medical students in the European Union. EuroMed affiliated universities and clinical rotation facilities welcome the influx of U.S. students into their programs.

The time is right for an international approach to training the physicians of the future. Our founders’ vision, experience and relationship-building skills have come together to create just such an approach.

Are you ready to launch your medical career?

Mission Statement

EuroMed is committed to providing educational opportunities to the next generation of physicians by cultivating a globally equipped cohort of professionals to address the shortage of doctors, generally, in U.S. as well as the lack of doctors willing to practice in rural areas. We prepare our students for successful careers in clinical practice in the EU and U.S., research and teaching. EuroMed believes that everyone should have access to healthcare.

Diversity Statement

EuroMed Institute was founded based on creating a diverse multinational group of qualified individuals from different socio-economic backgrounds and exposing them to a unique medical school experience in foreign countries. This sentiment is present in everything EuroMed does; admissions, student engagement, and hiring practices. We hope to bring together the medical community and the train the next generation of physicians with an understanding and respect to address the needs of a diverse nation.