What makes us different

Medical school can be overwhelming even before you begin your studies. Filling out applications, making sure you are up to date on current forms and test requirements to be accepted can be cumbersome. Once a student has the proper paperwork in order and has chosen the best school to suit their education needs, it is time to embark on the rewarding, yet strenuous, journey of medical education.

EuroMed combines the very best features of EU medical education with U.S. clinical rotations in order to provide our students with a clear route to a career in medicine. We deliver critically important logistical support and make the necessary institutional connections so our students can advance through the various stages of their education – while focusing on the medicine.

EuroMed takes enthusiastic and devoted students and creates the best environment to thrive in becoming a world class physician. We provide a unique route for aspiring physicians to reach their academic and professional goals. We carefully curate each aspect of our students’ medical education, enabling them to focus on the content of their education rather than the logistics.

Here are a few reasons why EuroMed is the best choice for students seeking a high quality, cost-effective medical education:

  • Trained Advisors

    EuroMed advisors are well equipped to advise our students on virtually every aspect of student life and are available to attend to students needs throughout their academic tenure. U.S. advisors ensure that our students have access to every tool necessary for them to succeed. Local advisors familiarize our students with important aspects of the local culture in order to ensure a seamless transition. Local advisors also serve as liaisons representing EuroMed students to the University should any issues arise.

  • Cost Effective Education

    European higher education is more cost effective than its counterpart in the U.S. This difference is even more pronounced when comparing the costs of medical education.

  • World Class Universities/Teaching Hospitals

    Our students study medicine in internationally renowned, European medical schools and then conduct their rotations under the supervision of top-notch teaching professionals in state-of-the-art U.S. hospitals.

  • Once in a Life Time Opportunity

    Attending medical school is an unique opportunity. Paired with the benefits of living abroad and being immersed into a new culture, significantly broadens and enriches the experience, giving EuroMed doctors and edge in a globalizing world. Training in both Europe and the U.S. is a luxury, a life-enhancing experience, and a smart way to prepare the doctors of the future.

  • Goal Focused Achievements

    EuroMed works closely with each student to create a personalized and focused plan. At each step along their educational journey, we assess and confirm that our students are on track and achieving their goals.

  • Worry Free Administrative Responsibilities

    EuroMed offers students the opportunity to focus entirely on learning, unburdened by the need to constantly stay on top of the time-consuming tasks associated with applications, financial aid, and other administrative duties. We want you to become the best physician you can be, and we firmly believe that having a strong ally to assist you throughout the training process will ensure your success. At the EuroMed Institute, we provide our students with critical support every step of the way. From your first step towards attending medical school through your training, accreditation, specialization and securing your first job as a physician, EuroMed will be by your side.