What we offer

EuroMed will offer an alternative to the expensive and highly competitive medical education experience in the United States, while also providing a unique education model that will prime students for a rich career. EuroMed will partner with International Universities that have centuries of teaching experience in their native countries to combine an English speaking curriculum, that is approved by U.S. standards, to form a more rounded education for our students.

Students will pay a tuition fee to attend the International University as well as complete the curriculum proposed and created by EuroMed with the partner university. Once the student has completed their coursework, they will have the option to continue their studies by applying for rotations in the U.S. or an EU country of their choice.

With our partner International University, EuroMed offers four and six year English speaking medical degrees to both U.S. and International students within the EU. After or during the completion of their practical and theoretical coursework, EuroMed students will take a series of tests in order to become eligible to apply for rotations in U.S. hospitals.  If the student wishes to stay and practice in the EU, students will also be offered the opportunity to rotate through EuroMed partner hospitals.


EuroMed will offer assistance to all of its students throughout the entire application process and program experience, including: relocating to the EU partner city, assimilating to local culture, coursework completion, understanding necessary testing procedures, as well as any day-to-day issues that arise between the university and the student.


All students accepted into our partner EU University medical programs will first be approved by the California Medical Board. This is the standard recognized by nearly all 50 states, allowing students to apply for residency anywhere is the U.S.