What We Offer

EuroMed Institute offers an alternative to the expensive and highly competitive medical education experience in the United States, while also providing a unique educational model that will prime students for a rich and meaningful career.

With the growth of the U.S. population and the baby boomer generation reaching retirement age, the need for well-trained physicians in the United States is increasing. Yet the rising demand for doctors in the U.S. is not being matched with an increase in students accepted into U.S. medical schools. The time is right for an international approach to training the physicians of the future.

EuroMed students enroll in medical school at one of our affiliated universities in Europe.

Our universities combine centuries of teaching experience with modern facilities and English language curriculum – commensurate with U.S. standards – to provide our students with access to a world class medical education. The universities are located within the EU and offer four to seven-year English language, medical degrees to U.S. and international students.

After successfully completing the first phase of medical school, our students begin their clinical training at one of our affiliated teaching hospitals in the U.S. where they will complete their core and elective rotations (clerkships). Students who prefer to remain and practice in the EU will be offered the opportunity to rotate through EuroMed partner universities’ affiliated hospitals in Europe.

EuroMed promises to accommodate the needs of our students whether they are in the U.S or studying overseas. Our trained team of experts will help to ease the stress of medical school by providing personalized assistance right when it is needed. We understand that students need support during medical school and we know how best to guide you. Here are a few items students can expect from EuroMed:

  • Assistance in Admission Process

    EuroMed will guide students through the admission process and coordinate with our affiliated universities to ensure the efficiency and efficacy of each application.

  • Career and Educational Objectives Assessment

    EuroMed is keen on guiding our students towards their own desired outcomes. In addition to shepherding our students through the degree and licencing requirements for all MDs, EuroMed monitors each student’s path towards their unique educational objectives and career goals. Our students’ desired outcomes play a pivotal role in the way EuroMed assesses their progress and determines the kind of support we provide to help them accomplish their specific career goals.

  • Student Care

    EuroMed’s main commitment to our students is his or her well-being during their medical training. This includes safeguarding the health and safety of our students while overseas, making sure they are set up for success by ensuring that they can concentrate exclusively on their studies. To that end, we provide :

    • Information about travel and transportation
    • Information about Housing
    • Academic Calendar/timeline updates
    • Deadline alerts and announcements
    • A network of peer students and doctors
    • Student support services
    • Administrative support

  • Cultural/Academic Liaison

  • Financial Aid