Who we are

Dr. Gurpreet Sandhoo


Dr. Sandhoo holds a PH.D. and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine while maintaining her own private practice. She is also an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California, Davis. Her experience in medical education, research, and application of medicine spans 25 years. Dr. Sandhoo was involved in research at a number of well respected institutions, including Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and National Institutes of Health (NIH) where she focused on Genetics and Biochemistry. She is board certified in Internal Medicine having completed her residency at Yale University and uses that expertise to teach residents in Family Medicine. Dr. Sandhoo is Chief Medical Officer for EuroMed and is responsible for overseeing clinical training for all our students.

Dr. Ajit Dhillon

Co-founder and CEO

Dr. Ajit Dhillon is currently licensed to practice medicine in the European Union and received his Medical Degree at the Medical University of Lublin in Poland, where he participated in a program similar to EuroMed. He began his academic career at the Yale School of Medicine Basic Science Review and was a research apprentice with the Department of Defense under George Washington University. Prior to becoming a physician, Dr. Dhillon served in the Infantry with the U.S. Marine Corps. In addition to his responsibilities as CEO, Dr. Dhillon serves as a senior mentor for our students and is responsible for overseeing all EuroMed educational programs.

Spenser Dill

Co-founder and CFO/COO

Mr. Dill holds a Master of Public Affairs degree from the University of San Francisco. He has served as a communications and outreach specialist for the University of Texas in Austin as well as on political campaigns in San Francisco. During graduate school, he conducted research for the California state planning department in the Governor’s Office. In addition, Mr. Dill has grown and developed several businesses. He is responsible for finance and operations at EuroMed.