Tuition and Fees

EuroMed’s cost is competitive with other EU medical schools but significantly less than what students pay for comparable programs in the U.S. In addition to the cost of a Bachelor of Science (appx. $150,000) the average tuition for a four-year private medical school in the U.S. is $186,500. The total tuition costs a student would pay in the U.S. is approximately $336,500. Total tuition cost for a EuroMed education is approximately $200,000, depending on which university you attend.

Commencement Fee

This is an one-time fee that covers the cost of your enrollment and orientation into your chosen EuroMed program. This fee also covers securing your placement into one of our affiliated universities. Unfortunately, this fee is not covered by federal student loans.


Tuition fees are per semester, however, fees will based on the university of your choice and dependent on the fee schedule associated with that university. Each academic year consists of two semesters. Fees may vary year- to-year based on our affiliated universities changes in fee schedules. For more information, please contact a EuroMed representative.

Auxiliary Costs

EuroMed offers financial planning to help our students manage a budget. Typical semester costs include housing, books, food, supplies and travel.

Clinical Rotations

The fees associated with rotations are based on a schedule of 48 weeks per year. These fees do not include the cost of room, board, travel, etc.

US Clinical Rotations

Tuition and Fees: Dependent on affiliated U.S. clinical rotation sites