Euromed Students

EuroMed Institute Rotations for Students Enrolled in an Affiliated University or Hospital


Students will work directly with the medical faculty in our network of partner teaching hospitals. Each student will be exposed to integrated hands-on training in a patient-driven hospital setting.

Over the 48 weeks of core rotations, students will develop a skill set of clinical knowledge, patient communication and professional performance that is imperative to a lifetime of practicing medicine.

Requirements for Starting Rotations

  • Successful completion of Medical School Basic Sciences
  • Successful completion of NBME 1 Exam
  • A USMLE Step 1 passing score
  • The Core Rotation Curriculum requirements for students:
    • Internal Medicine – 12 weeks
    • Pediatrics -6 weeks
    • Neuroscience/Psychiatry – 6 weeks
    • Surgery – 12 weeks
    • Obstetrics/Gynecology – 6 weeks
    • Family Medicine – 6 weeks