Existing UK and EU Doctors

United States Clinical Experience (USCE) is a key component in any International Medical Graduates (IMG’s) path to residency and to eventually becoming a U.S. physician. EuroMed can help IMGs get access to a world class USCE.

EuroMed Approved United States Clinical Experience helps in several different ways:

  • Procurement of letters of recommendation, which are necessary especially for IMGs.
  • Fostering connections and relationships with hospital staff. This is best done by being a stellar participant rather than simply networking.
  • A chance for participants to familiarize themselves with U.S. medical technology and practices that may differ from those in the EU. Directors of residency programs will be more inclined to offer a position to IMGs who have a working knowledge of the U.S. health care system and grasp of patient care with hands-on experience.

EuroMed Direct Placement Rotations

As an established doctor from your country of origin, finding U.S. rotations can be a daunting experience. To become a practicing physician in the U.S. you will need to be accepted to a residency program, but those positions can be hard to find or get into.

Knowing that it’s becoming harder for IMGs to find avenues for hands-on USCE, EuroMed offers the opportunity for established EU doctors access to U.S. clinical experience. Centered in a hospital setting IMGs will work in outpatient offices, and gain hands-on experience interviewing patients and electronic medical records and much more. For existing European Doctors looking for residency in the United States, EuroMed offers a 48-week core rotation schedule that will get you U.S. experience and assistance in residency placement.

Before you start inquiring, take some time to narrow down your search to have a better-informed process: Do you have a specialty in mind? What is your ultimate goal?

Then let EuroMed take it from there.